The Synergy Baku Cycling Project is sending its young riders to two Italian races this coming weekend, the Trofeo de Gasperi on June 2, and the Coppa della Pace (June 4).

Croatian rider Josip Rumac, who has brought in six top ten finishes this season, will lead the team. Azeri riders Elgun Alizada, Kanan Gahramanli, Musa Mikayilzade, Enver Asanov, and Ismail Iliasov will gain some experience in classic races.

“I love races in Italy, because I love Italy as a big country of cycling culture” said DS Eldar Dzhabrailov. “And I would like our racers to see this culture of cycling and people who love cycling, people who in their youth too were engaged in cycling, and every Italian can tell you what you are doing wrong and how to do better…”

Synergy Baku Cycling Project for the Trofeo de Gasperi and Coppa della Pace: Elgin Alizada, Enver Asanov, Kanan Gahramanli, Ismail Iliasov, Musa Mikayilzade and Josip Rumac