(August 26, 2016) The Synergy Baku Cycling Project is sending a mixed team of veterans and youngsters to its next race. Croatian Matija Kvasina, fresh from the Olympics, and Slovenian Matej Mugerli will lead the team in the Croatia-Slovenia race on Sunday, August 28.

The two veterans will be supported by Josip Rumac and Samir Jabrayilov, along with young Azeri riders Elgun Alizada, Enver Asanov, Kanan Gahramanli and Ismail Iliasov.

The race covers 178.3 km starting in Zagreb and includes one ranked climb before concluding with four laps of a circuit course in Novo Mesto.

Kvasina won his homeland Tour of Croatia this spring and represented his land in the Rio Olympics road race earlier this month. Mugerli has brought in six wins this year, including the Tour of Serbia.

Jabrayilov and Rumac have proven themselves in a number of races, and now the young Azeri riders are starting to come into their own. Ranging in age from 19 to 21, they have been in numerous U-23 races this year, and increasingly more races with the veteran riders.

They have drawn praise for their performances from staff and teammates alike. “The young riders fought like lions,” said DS Andrej Hauptman after the Tour of Szeklerland, which Kirill Pozdnyakov won.

Mugerli won the final stage in Szeklerland, and said, “All the young riders amazed Kirill, Andrej and me. They really raced like old pros. It was really not an easy stage. Hats off to all of them.” Pozdnyakov said that “It again proves that all the work behind the team is bringing perfect results. The young guys are developing and getting strong and I’m sure in a few years they will be able to win international races.”

Race Website: http://www.adria-mobil-cycling.com/media/hr_slo_16.pdf

Synergy Baku Cycling Project for Croatia-Slovenia: Elgun Alizada, Enver Asanov, Kanan Gahramanli, Ismail Iliasov, Samir Jabrayilov, Matija Kvasina, Matej Mugerli, and Josip Rumac