Synergy Baku Cycling Project’s newest and youngest riders will make their pro debut this coming weekend at the International Tour of Mediterranean in Turkey, March 2-4.

Mikayil Safarli, Karim Shiraliyev, and Telman Valiyev will start their first race for Synergy Baku – and their first pro race. They are joined by third-year pro Kanan Gahramanli and second-year pro Musa Mikaylizade. Samir Jabrayilov, who has been with the team since its founding in 2014, is also on the squad, with veteran Oleksandr Polivoda at the head of the team.

The race opens with a 196 km stage from Antakya to Adana which features one climb in the first third of the stage. Stage 2 from Adana to Ashab-I Keyf, 122 km, has more climbing, as does the closing stage, 116 km from Mersin to Erdemli and back to Mersin. Despite the mountains, sprint finishes are possible in all three stages.

“This race will be the first at the elite level for our new young riders. They still need to learn a lot, as well as prepare for the upcoming races. Right now they will help the team in their assigned tasks, so that they understand that cycling is a team sport and how important it is to work together to achieve high results,” said DS Eldar Dzhabrailov.

Synergy Baku Cycling Project for the International Tour of Mediterranean: Kanan Gahramanli, Samir Jabrayilov, Musa Mikayilzade, Oleksandr Polivoda, Mikayil Safarli, Karim Shiraliyev, and Telman Valiyev.